Tuesday, February 23, 2010

6 months since my last post

Yep, it has been that long! On November 4th, 2009 I had my right hip resurfaced by Dr. Gross in Columbia, SC. No impact sports (running or jumping) for 6 months. I'm taking 6 months to be 26 weeks ;) - so sometime around the end of April I will try to run again - I've lost almost 14 months of training. But, I have not been sedentary. Been hitting the spin cycle (no, not the laundry version), Nautilus stair stepper (the mini escalator type that is much tougher than the sissy kind with individual pedals) which cycles steps for you to traverse continuously - did 3.7 miles on it this AM in a little over 37 minutes (177 floors). Have also been doing the rowing machine at its highest level and lifting weights and shooting basketball (no jump shots). Really working on stretching - pretty much have regained my pre-surgery leg strength - did 3:15 wall sit while holding 25 pounds between my legs at lunch without too much difficulty.

I'm sure my running will be horrible when I finally get back to it and I'll be behind LOTS of people I used to beat - including my good bud Eric Patterson who in just a little over 2 years has become one of the best runners in the Huntsville-Athens area! He should be the poster child for anyone who aspires to lose weight and become a great runner - Eric DOES NOT make excuses - not the cold, rain, snow, or anything stops him from his appointed rounds...
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