Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hill work and more

Exercise: (Monday) - lifted weights at UAH Fitness Center. (Tuesday) - hillwork with Carl S. at Hillmont. 5.07 miles total:

Full hills:
1 - 1:33
2 - 1:38
3 - 1:48
4 - 1:46

Steep portions:
1 - 0:27
2 - 0:28
3 - 0:27
4 - 0:27

Also volunteered to be a "sweeper" at the Metro Cross Country meet at the Old Airport course this afternoon - Had to follow all runner in three races - Girls JV (2 miles), Girls Varsity (3 miles), and Boys Varsity (3 miles). The first two were excruciatingly slow - 11:30 on the JV and 12:30 on the Varsity. The boys race wasn't too bad, about 8:30 pace. Still got in some extra mileage. This put me over the hump for my highest mileage month of the year so far.

Total mileage for the week: 30.87
Total mileage for the month : 138.04
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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Killer 13 miles with hills

Exercise: Ran with Joey B. And Eric C. Started at Monte Sano Hiker's parking lot. Ran down the old closed off Bankhead section because it was still dark at 6AM. Hit the Mtn Mist trail, Stone Cuts, Goat Trail, Then down Warpath Ridge and Red Lizard trail all the way down the mountain to Dug Hill Estates. Then some wiseguy (that would be me) said, "Why don't we just run up the roads back up the mountain?" Ugh, close to 4 miles of unrelenting uphill climb starting at the base of the Dug Hill turnoff on Hwy 431. Back up Governor's (hwy 431) to Monte Sano Blvd, then back to the start. 13 miles total in 2:22ish.

Total mileage for week : 18.00
Total mileage for month : 125.17
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Saturday, September 27, 2008

A couple of mile intervals

Exercise: Did five miles total this AM at UAH. Ran two one mile intervals in 5:45 and 5:52. Not blazing but with no one to push/pull me was not easy to go all out.

Total mileage for week : 5.00
Total mileage for month : 107.17
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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Same hilly miler - cooler temps

Exercise: Same neighborhood 4 miler as earlier in the week. Much cooler temps this morning. Started out a little slower (8:01 first mile), but finished all 4 with a 7:42.5 average pace (30:50).

Played 5 games full court basketball at Berachah Gym.

Total mileage for week : 31.44
Total mileage for month : 102.17
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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Easy day

Exercise: Lifted weights at UAH Fitness Center. 120 stomach crunches, 10 wide arm pullups. May run this evening on Monte Sano.
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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lockheed Field speedwork in the dark

Exercise: Met Carl S. at Lockheed at 6AM to do some speedwork. Still dark when we first got there - did a 1 mile warmup, the 4x800 and 4x400 with another cooldown - 5.33 miles total.

800s -
1: 3:02
2: 3:00
3: 2:53
4: 3:05

400s -
1: 80 sec
2: 82 sec
3: 93 sec
4: 82 sec

Total mileage for week : 27.44
Total mileage for month : 98.17
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Monday, September 22, 2008

Hilly 4 miler - again

Exercise: Did my hilly 4 mile course near my house in 31:30 (7:52 per mile pace). Considering the 11.5 I did yesterday, didn't feel too bad. Looking for race #28 of the year to run somewhere this weekend.

Total mileage for week : 22.11
Total mileage for month : 92.84
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Sunday, September 21, 2008

11+ on Monte Sano

Exercise: Met a large group up on Monte Sano at 6AM. It was still dark when we started, so we let the runners with the headlights lead for the first mile or so. Did the White Trail and then one Dizzy 50 loop for 11.48 miles total. Ran with Eric Fritz, Eric Charette, Rebecca Robinson, Christy Scott, Scott Michael, Tom King, and Wayne Heckler.

Total mileage for week : 18.10
Total mileage for month : 88.83
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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Athens Duck & Run 5K

Exercise: A cool, drizzly morning upon rising bode pretty well for temps at this race put on by Tanjie Scrimsher in Athens, AL. A new course (soon to be certified) added one extra turn. My GPS measured 3.14 miles, so it was within the "fudge factor" range. I was feeling pretty good about my chances based on the pre-registration list. But on race, day Brandon Black showed up (he passed me and Carl Smith in the last mile of the Lexington race few weeks ago), and 15 minutes before race time perennial winner Tyrone Harris showed up (having already ran 5+ mile just to get to the start). Tyrone has been doing 90 mile weeks in marathon training, so I knew he would probably dominate the race.

The race starts out acroos the street from Athens State University, then makes a right as it heads into the business district (Jefferson Street). I tried to be very conservative in the first mile, which I hit in 6:02. At this point Tyrone and another Master's runner visiting from SC were well ahead (Tyrone said he hit the first mile in 5:05). I was right with Brandon at the one mile mark. just beyond the mark was a slight incline at which point I passed Brandon and kept him at bay for the next 1.5 miles. I hit the 2 mile mark at 12:20 (6:18 split). We made our way through the old downtown portion of Athens and then headed back east, up a hill under the railroad track. Traffic control was pretty poor at this point - we had to swerve from side to side to miss the oncoming cars. Going up this hill Brandon passed me back and opened up a slight gap that I was not able to cover. I finished in 19:18, 4th overall (out of 112) and 1st in my age group. I was 19 seconds slower than last year, but then Brandon was about 24 seconds slower than his Lexington run. Results are here.

Fellow blogger Eric Patterson also won his age group in just his 4th race ever! (20:39)

That elusive sub 19 minute 5K for this year is still just out of my grasp. This was my 12th 5K this year with finished time between 19:00 and 19:30. Somehwere I've got to find 5 seconds per mile or the ability to hurt a little more...

Total mileage for week : 6.62
Total mileage for month : 77.35
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Friday, September 19, 2008

Moderate 4 miler & bball

Exercise: Thursday - played 4 games full court basketball at Berachah gym.
Friday - 4 miles in 30:00 (7:30 pace).

1: 8:00
2: 7:29
3: 7:22
4: 7:01

Total mileage for week : 31.06
Total mileage for month : 70.73
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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hilly 4 miler

Exercise: Did a hilly 4 miler near my home. Didn't push too hard as I've 3 hard days in the last 4 sessions.

1: 8:23
2: 8:23
3: 8:22
4: 7:17

Total mileage for week : 27.06
Total mileage for month : 66.73
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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hill work

Exercise: Did hill work with Carl S. on Hillmont near Butler HS. 4 big hills and 4 of just the steeper portions.

Full hill:
1: 1:35
2: 1:35
3: 1:35
4: 1:44

Steep Hills:
1: 0:28
2: 0:28
3: 0:27
4: 0:28

Total mileage for week : 23.05
Total mileage for month : 62.72
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Monday, September 15, 2008

Short recovery run

Exercise: Ran 3.25 miles at Lockheed field in 24:15 (7:27 per mile pace)- very fall like temps.

Total mileage for week : 18.05
Total mileage for month : 57.72
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Sunday, September 14, 2008

~10 miler on Monte Sano

Exercise: Met in the dark at 6AM on Monte Sano. Did 9.8 miles with Eric C., Joey B., Rebecca R., and Christy S. Tripped on a root with less than 0.5 mile to go. Eric got most of the spider webs ;)

Total mileage for week : 14.8
Total mileage for month : 54.47
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Saturday, September 13, 2008

PHP 5K in Scottsboro

Exercise: Finished 4th overall (out of about 500 entrants). Time was very poor - 20:17, but wining time was 19:04, so everyone was slow. Course had probably 50 turns, was hilly, and on the way back you met some of the slower runners causing you not to be able to clip the apexes. I started out at what I thought was a conservative pace (my life story, blah, blah, blah...) but hit the first mile at 5:53. I was in second place at the time already trailing eventual race winner, high schooler Matthew Ankenhead. A lot of the first mile was downhill, which meant that most of the last mile would eventually be uphill. A 9AM start did not help things, and neither did the temps in the high 80s and 90% humidity (I am full of excuses today).
I struggled through the second mile in 6:24, still in second place at the time. In the third mile on one steep uphill stretch Eric DeBolt passed me and then about a minutes later Dink Taylor passed me. That's how the top 4 finished. I wound up trailing Dink in third by 4 seconds. Despite my poor time, I was able to garner a 1st in age group (45-59) award which was a very nice, heavy etched glass trophy. Results are here.

Total mileage for week : 5.0
Total mileage for month : 44.67
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Friday, September 12, 2008

Thursday basketball

Exercise: Thursday played 4 games full court basketball at Berachah Gym. Plan to lift weights this PM and then do a 5K race in Scottsboro tomorrow AM.
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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

5 mile tempo run in the AM

Exercise: Did 5 miles this AM starting from my workplace, around Madison Square mall, down University Drive, through Executive Plaza, back to Madison Square, and then back to work. Very humid, even at 5:45 AM.

1: 7:39
2: 6:56
3: 7:04
4: 6:56
5: 6:42

Total mileage for week : 25.41
Total mileage for month : 39.67
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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Speedwork in the AM at Lockheed

Exercise: Did speedwork with Carl S. at the freshly bushhogged Lockheed field. After warmup did 1x1mile, 2x800, 4x400 . Very humid. Total miles including cooldown - 5.59. Lifted weights at UAH yesterday afternoon.

Total mileage for week : 20.44
Total mileage for month : 34.66
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Sunday, September 7, 2008

9 miles on the road

Exercise: Less than 12 hours after my 5K race last night, got up and did 9 miles on the roads this AM (1:08:35 - 7:37 per mile average). Started at my work place, ran around Madison Square Mall, over to UAH and did my 5 mile loop, then back to work. Tried to pick it in miles 2-6 and intentionally slowed a little the last 3 miles. Lost 5 pounds during the run...

1: 7:46
2: 7:22
3: 7:14
4: 7:17
5: 7:19
6: 7:58
7: 7:49
8: 7:54
9: 7:52

Total mileage for week : 14.85
Total mileage for month : 29.07
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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Pump & Run 5K

Exercise: Went to Lexington, AL this evening with Carl S. to do the "Pump & Run" 5K. This is a regular 5K with an additional race within a race - based on your age and weight, you do bench presses. For each that you do, you get to subtract 20 seconds from your final 5K time and the top 10 in this category get awards in addition to the regular 5K awards.
I weighed in at 159 fully clothed, so at age 45, I had to do 90% of my body weight. Rounding off because the weights were in 5 pound increments, I had to do 145 pounds. Last year I did 9 - this year 1! Not sure what the problem was - been doing the wrong exercises at UAH Fitness Center, I guess. Carl did 19! and was the Pump & Run winner with a 5K adjusted time of 12:30ish!
As far as the 5K race went, the temps were much cooler than usual for this time of year. Just like last year, a lot of younger (and some older) runners started out really fast. At the first turn I was probably in 12th place. By the half mile point I had passed everyone except for Stacy Lemay and top female finisher, Sandy Lynch. I really tried to go out conservatively but hit the one mile mark in 5:58. Sandy was right there to at the mile marker around 6:00 - pretty remarkable for a 39 year old female in these parts. I finally got around Stacy (by running the tangents) at about the 1.25 mile point. I held the lead past the cone turnaround, and through the 2 mile mark (6:10 second mile). As we turn back toward town, Carl passed me. Another quarter mile later the overall winner passed us both. Once again, I faded some in the 3rd mile, hitting it in 6:23. I really pushed the last 0.1, finishing in 19:07. I was 3rd overall, Carl was 2nd overall, Stacy was 4th overall - each of us separated by 10-11 seconds. And Carl was about 10 seconds behind the overall winner. Sandy Lynch ran a sub 20 minute 5K as well.
Awards were really neat bobble-head trophies.

Results will be here: Pump & Run results

Total mileage for week : 5.85
Total mileage for month : 20.07
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Thursday, September 4, 2008

5 miles - 5 hills

Exercise: Ran Carl S. and my old 5 mile/5 hill course starting at UAH, toward Butler High, up to University Drive, and back to UAH in 37:06 (7:24 per mile pace).



Lifted weights at UAH Fitness Center.
Played 5 games full court basketball at Berachah Gym. SO tired when I got home...

Total mileage for week : 24.22
Total mileage for month : 14:22
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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Mostly rest day

Exercise: Jumped rope (4 x 100), 75 pushups.
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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

More hillwork

Exercise: Met Carl S. at UAH. Ran over to Hillmont - did 4 long hills and 4 of the steepest portions. Then back to UAH - 5.36 miles total. Really started to feel the lactic acid on the last of each hill section - up to the point of nausea. Probably need a day off to recover after all the racing of the past week.

Total mileage for week: 19.21
Total mileage for month : 9.21
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Monday, September 1, 2008

3rd race in 48 hours

Exercise: Ran another 5K this AM in Fairview, AL, where my mother graduated from high school. Cool temps, but still very humid. Around 45 runners total. Saw one younger runner who has beaten me at races before and Scott Butler who is a high 19 minute 5Ker. At the start, 2 young runners from Fairview's track team took off and opened up an early 50 yard lead. I wasn't really worried about them, as I was more worried about Scott and the other 20 something runner (Can't remember his name) who'd beaten me before. At about the 0.8 mile mark I finally passed the two young tracksters. The one mile marker on this course has always been a little short - I hit it at 5:42. Just passed this marker we make a sharp, acute angle onto another road heading back into town where I caught a glance behind me, seeing the quickest of the two tracksters and Scott about 50 yards back. A little bit of relief here in the fact that they weren't any closer. Between the 1.25 mile mark and the 2.5 mile mark we encounter the two biggest hills on the course, with the two mile mark at the bottom of the last big hill. I hit the 2 mile mark in 12:13, still right on pace for a 19:00 5k. Another 100 yards and we made another sharp left turn heading into the business district - I got another glance and saw I had stretched my lead a little more, only seeing Scott now.
At this point I really started feeling the effects of the 10K and 5K I ran on Monte Sano only 48 hours earlier. I knew I only needed to keep Scott behind me for an overall win, so I slowed some (as I seem to always do in the 3rd mile of 5K races these days). Through the business district and back to the high school where we finished with 3/4 lap around the track, I crossed the line in 19:30. Kind of an embarrassing time for an overall win (and since I'd ran 18:57 and 18:52 here the last two years). But, an overall win is not something I'll turn down... Scott Butler finished 2nd in 20:14 (he said he was disappointed as well).

Total mileage for week: 13.85
Total mileage for month : 3.85

The competition (or so I thought)

Entering the track near the end of the race

Coming to the end (Donald Bowman shorts)

Scott Butler and the two Fairview Tracksters

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