Monday, January 24, 2011

Another icy run

Did 9 mile son Monte Sano Sunday AM. Felt great with absolutely no hip pain. Saturday was Huntsville's great Mountain Mist 50K trail run. Congrats to David Riddle for setting a new course record and for all my running buds who did this in the snow , ice and mud. Here's a video from Marcus Farris - note - it doesn't show the hardest parts of the course! I hope to do this next year.

Mountain Mist 50k, 2011 from Marcus Farris on Vimeo.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Running in the snow

Sunday did 6.37 miles on Monte Sano in the snow and ice - what a great run! First time I've gone this far in these conditions (this was Huntsville's first really big snowfall in years). Then on Monday, Lisa and I ran on the Huntsville Land Trust trails (5.8 miles) including the incredibly difficult Waterline trail - not only is this a very steep down hill, but compound that with mud and ice/snow and it was scary at times. There are two places where you have to actually lower yourself down 8-10 foot mini-cliffs - beautiful scenery but scary footing. Add to this my 6.3 miles on the treadmill Saturday for 19 miles in 3 days - my most since my hip surgery. No pain at all today, so things are looking up. I have signed up for the McKay Hollow Madness 25K trail run at the end of March which will be my longest race ever and my first race since hip surgery. I hope to have enough miles in to finish respectably by then.
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