Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Speedwork between thunderstorms

Met Carl S. at UAH this AM. After a 1.25 mile warmup, we did 3x1 mile with about 5:00 minutes recovery runs in between. Really shows how badly out of shape I am as my splits were:


5.90 miles total.

Added another 2.3 this PM barefoot on the treadmill for 8.2 for the day. Finished the month of March with 136.5 miles, averaging 4.4 miles per day and 30.8 per week.
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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Not so fun 10 miler

After doing 4.5 barefoot on the treadmill on Saturday, met the Athens crew at 5:45 on Sunday. 15-20 mph wind, spitting rain, 38-40 degrees - miserable overall at the start. Only 5 hardy souls showed up including Carl Smith, Glen King, Eric Patterson (who understandably dropped off early as he'd done the McKay Hollow Trail half marathon yesterday), and Tom. Carl pushed the early pace a little faster than usual, and with Eric out, I was a little unsure of the course so at one point Carl and I doubled back to meet Glen and Tom, making my total distance 10.52 miles.

Having to wear a hat because of the cold, the sound of my GPS was muffled, causing me to miss a few splits. Overall time was 1:23:52 (7:58 per mile). The splits I do have:

8:21 (average of two as I missed a split)
8:41 (where we stopped and waited on Glen and Tom)
11:39 (last 1.52) (7:39 pace).
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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Quick 3 miler

Did a quick 3 mile run at UAH at lunch today, hoping not to get too tired before basketball this evening. Did 3.01 miles total. Splits were

7:20 (mostly downhill)
6:56 (mostly uphill)
7:01 (up and down hill)
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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hill/Speedwork at UAH

Met Carl Smith at Lockheed field at 6AM. Was a little too dark for speedwork on the field, so we ran over to UAH and did our 10x hills. Total mileage was 5.61. Was able to maintain throughout the workout and averaged a little faster than last week. Splits were:


Average - 55.4 seconds (vs 57.7 seconds last week)
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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Another good 10 miler in Athens

Another tough run with Eric Patterson. Scott Michael and Lanier Greenhaw started out with us too. Once again Eric pushed the pace, this time even faster than last week. After he peeled off at the 8.5 mile mark (after making me do a 2 block sprint just before), I decided not to let up like I did last week. I even took the extra hill at the cemetary just for you , Eric.

1:18:04 total

Avg 7:48 (7:27 for the last 7 miles).

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Met Carl Smith at UAH early in the AM for some hill repeats. After a warmup did 10 repeats up the UAH north end hill with a slow jog back down in between each, then a cooldown. 5.35 miles total.
Repeats were in :

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Another decent 4 miler

After yesterday's tough 10 miler, wanted to run a fairly conservative 4+ miles at UAH. Did not feel too bad, wound up doing 4.11 with these splits:


Did 1.2 barefoot on the treadmill this PM - trying to maintain a 4 mile per day average for this month which would put me at 120+ miles for the month.
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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Best run of the year - and it almost didn't happen

Was invited to join the Athens group for another 10 miler at 5:45 AM Sunday. Set my alarm and got up at 4AM - it was pouring rain. It was so bad that my dog didn't even want to go out - I had to make her and stand outside and watch over her while she "did her thing." I seriously contemplated going back to bed and waiting to see if the weather cleared up. But then I thought - "Hey, you're not gonna melt. You've missed 12 weeks of running, you should be finding excuses TO run, not finding excuses NOT to run." So I headed off to Athens on that note.

Ten hardy souls met at the Athens Rec Center, including Madelyn Patton and Coach Barry Pugh who set the early pace along with myself and Eric Patterson. An early pebble in my shoe made me do some speedwork to catch up with the lead pack after a quick pitstop. At about the halfway point Madelyn dropped off to go back and run with her husband, leaving me, Eric and Barry at the front. Eric and I kept accusing each other of pushing the pace which started in the low 8s and eventually made it down into the high 6s. Eric, being the now seasoned trainer that he is, went out of his way to find some extra hills to run up in the last two miles. I will get the overall splits from him later and post, but I'm sure the overall average was close to the 7s. Not quite tempo pace, but definitely challenging considering my current level of fitness. Thanks Eric! (and Madelyn and Barry) ;)

Here were the 9 mile splits I got from Eric:

6:10 (last 0.78 miles)

The last mile probably would have been sub 7:00 if I hadn't slowed down - Eric was willing, but I wasn't...
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Friday, March 13, 2009

Decent end of week run

On Thursday, I ran 2.2 barefoot on the treadmill, then played 2.5 hours of full court basketball at Berachah Gym. I was so sore (hip, achillies, back) when I got home that I was barely able to climb the stairs. This didn't bode well for my run today, but I did 4 miles around UAH and accompanying neighborhoods in 7:06 average - miles were:


Felt much better than I had anticipated. Supposed to be cold and rainy this weekend so we'll see what courses are available.
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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Out and back

Fighting off a head cold, I only did treadmill miles on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday morning, I donned my headlight and did an out and back loop near my house at 5:45AM. One good thing about running in the dark - you can't tell the steepness of the hills you're approaching. Out - 1.6 miles in 12:46 (7:58 pace). Back 1.6m in 10:36 (6:37 pace). No warm up or stretching, just out the door and start...
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Sunday, March 8, 2009

10 miler in Athens

Met several Athens area runners at 5:45AM this morning (would have been 4:45 a day earlier :) ). Started out at a leisurely pace, then Eric Patterson and Mat started upping the pace. Last three miles were 7:58, 7:59, and 7:22. 10 miles total. Hip is sore, but manageable. Ran parts of the old Run for Glory and Sundowner courses. Felt good to finally put in another long run. Ran an additional 1.2 on the treadmill barefoot for 11.2 total for the day.
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Saturday, March 7, 2009

First real race of the year

Did the UAH KD sorority Shamrock 5K this AM. Had actually won this race 3 years ago when only around 30 people showed up. Today over 200 showed up! This was my first real race since mid-November and I was using it mainly to see where my race conditioning stood. After warming up 1.34 miles at around 8 minute pace, the first mile of the race felt pretty good - hit it in 6:09 - right at my 5K pace from last fall. The second mile had a sizable hill that had to be negotiated twice (out and back course). Hit in in 6:39 and was fading. The course itself was short, my GPS giving only 2.85 miles. Not sure why they chose to change the course when there were two certified 5K courses on the UAH campus. I crossed the line in 18:25, running the last 0.85 in 6:36 pace, giving me an overalll pace of 6:27 - which is where I should be for a 10K, not a 5K. Still managed to pick up 2nd overall master award. A lot of work yet to do...
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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Longest run of the year so far

After doing 2.64 miles on a soggy Lockheed field, met Carl S. and ran through Executive Plaza over to UAH. Did 5x800 with 2 minute rest in between intervals, then cooldown for a total of 7.26 miles - the most since back in November.
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