Saturday, November 29, 2008

More pool laps

Exercise: (Saturday) - Did 37 pool laps. Had a Cheeseburger sighting in the pool this AM.

(Sunday) - Did 38 pool laps.
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Friday, November 28, 2008

Busy after Thanksgiving day

Exercise: Lifted weights at UAH. 120 stomach crunches. Jumped rope (4x110). Did 36 laps deep water running in the pool.
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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pool laps

Exercise: Did 34 pool laps at UAH. Start of at least 2 weeks of cross training while trying to let hip/quad heal.

At lunch did 40 minutes on Precor elliptical and 10 sets of stair running at UAH (25 stairs each) with not-slow descent in between sets.

(Wednesday) - Did 35 pool laps at UAH at a much faster rate (averaging a little over 1 minute per each up and back lap).

Total mileage for the week : 3.2
Total mileage for the month : 59.68
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Monday, November 24, 2008

Frustrating run

Exercise: Ran 3.2 this afternoon in 23:08 (7:13 per mile). Felt really good while running, but hip/quad was really painful after I finished. I guess I'll have to take several weeks off - very frustrating...

Total mileage for the week : 3.2
Total mileage for the month : 59.68
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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bike Sprints

Exercise: One more day of rest/cross training before testing the leg tomorrow. 9 bike sprints up my street in 13th gear - complete lactic shutdown near the end of the last one.

Lifted weights at UAH. Jumped rope (4x100 with 50 sec rest in between).

No running miles for the week ;(
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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Getting better but what am I losing?

Exercise: (Friday) - lifted weights at UAH.

(Saturday) - did another hour on the Precor elliptical. Now been a full week since my last run. Joey and Scott Butler both ran times at today's Dam Bridge 10K in Florence that would have been tough for me to match. I feel like my conditioning is melting away as I sit here. I plan on one more cross training day tomorrow and then try to run again on Monday.
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Thursday, November 20, 2008

More pool running

Exercise: (Wednesday) - 33 laps in the pool at UAH. 90 pushups. Can't wait to get back to running - this will probably be my lowest mileage month of the year...
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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

More boring CT

Exercise: (Monday) - Did some deep water running with the "floaty" belt at UAH. 32 laps back and forth in the deep end (38 minutes total). Very strenuous workout, but still not the same as running. Hard to work up a sweat in the pool!

(Tuesday) - Did another hour on the Precor Elliptical. 5.32 miles, 624 calories. Just shoot me!
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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cross training - Yuk!

Exercise: Trying to rest upper quad, went to UAH and and hour on the Precor Elliptical trainer - 620 calories, 5.2 miles. How boring! Not the same as running, so I'm not adding this to my mileage totals.
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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Legacy Elementary 5K

Exercise: This was a new race put on by former UAH runner (and now Legacy teacher) Caitlin Heider. It started at Legacy Elementary school in Monrovia and ran through the Wall Farm subdivision. Weather was horrible - high 30's, overcast cold northwest wind and spitting rain. Still feeling the effects of a lingering cold and my sore hip.

Started out a little more conservatively than usual - hit the first mile in 6:02. It was mostly due north up Pettus road into the wind. Passed 10-12 people and settle into 3rd place behind Donald Bowman and Emily Hardin which is how the top 3 would remain for the remainder of the race. Mile two ran mostly south through the Wall Farm subdivision with real hills to speak of. I was about 20-30 yards behind Emily at mile two which I hit in 6:12. The 3rd mile consisted of a lopp through a smaller neighborhood south of Pettus Road and then back north up the only real hill on the course. I didn't see the 3 mile marker, but my Garmin showed me slowing to a 6:25 pace. There was no one within 1:30 to my rear and Emily had stretched out in front of me to the point that I was not going to come close to her (she actually gained on the overall winner in the last mile). Not feeling too good I crossed the finish line in 19:34, 3rd overall, 1st in age group (out of about 160 runners total).

Total mileage for the week : 4.62
Total mileage for the month : 56.48
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Friday, November 14, 2008

Quick lunchtime run

Exercise: Went home for lunch and did an out and back on the roads and fields near my house. 2.32 miles each way - out in 17:55(7:43 pace), back in 16:36 (7:09 pace). Lifted weights at UAH on Thursday afternoon.

Total mileage for the week : 32.37
Total mileage for the month : 51.86
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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Nightime run through south Huntsville

Exercise: (Wednesday) - Met Joey and Rebecca at the Southeast YMCA at 5PM. Ran north , mostly up Hickory Hill, then across 4 Mile Post to Tannehill. Then back to the Aldridge Creek Greenway and eventually back to the Y. 8.2 miles total.

Total mileage for the week : 27.75
Total mileage for the month : 47.22
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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Speedwork at Lockheed Field

Exercise: (Monday) - Lifted weights at UAH.
(Tuesday) - Met Carl Smith at Lockheed field - after almost a 2 mile warmup, we did 5x800 and 2x400, then a cooldown. Total mileage 5.90.

800s :
Total mileage for the week : 19.55
Total mileage for the month : 39.02
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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Beautiful 10 miler on Monte Sano

Exercise: Designated as "Fall Colors Picture Day" - cool temps at beginning (first long sleeve and gloved run of the year). Met Eric C., Eric F., Joey, Rebecca, Christy, Linda, Tom, and new invitee Glen King at hiker's parking lot. Did the "gay" loop and Family Bike trail plus little extra for exactly 10 miles. Thanks to Tom Smith (not in photo as he was snapping) for the pic. Also of note - today was the first time any of us have actually "seen" Eric C. fall - luckily it was on the pine needle strewn Family Bike trail.

Total mileage for the week : 13.65
Total mileage for the month : 33:12
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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Good results, poor time in Heroes 5K

Exercise: Have not had a good week - after running only 2.28 miles on Tuesday, did not run for the next 3 days. Picked up a bad head cold to go along with my sore quad. So I kind of knew I wouldn't have a great 5K at the Huntsville Heroes 5K and Half-Marathon today. My only saving grace was the fact that most of the really good runners would be doing the 1/2, while I always do this 5K as I do not enjoy the 1/2 course.

Tried to start out conservatively again, but hit the first mile in 5:52 (too fast). Started feeling fatigued early on in the 2nd mile which I slogged through in 6:25. I passed two people in this mile and worked my way up to 5th overall. I did gain a little on the 4th place finisher, but lost touch again in the third mile. Did not see the 3 mile marker, so I ran the last 1.1 in 7:21 (6:41 pace) - 19:38 total - really sad considering I ran an 18:57 last week. I did win the overall Master's title and finished 5th out of 306 finishers, but I was not pleased.

Total mileage for the week : 3.65
Total mileage for the month : 23:12
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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Cross training

Exercise: (Wednesday) - Lifted weights at UAH. Did 8 bike sprints to exhaustion.
(Thursday) - did 32 minutes of deep water pool running at UAH. Still trying to let quad rest before racing and long run this weekend.
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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Abbreviated hill work

Exercise: Met Carl S. at UAH to do our hill sprints on the NW corner of the Twilight 5K course. After a 1.25 mile warmup, we started our repeats. Did the first two in 54s and the third in 55s, but then my left quad really started bothering me so I decided it was smarter to stop than to push through and really injure myself. Only 2.28 miles total - may have to do some pool running this week to left the quad rest.

Total mileage for week: 19.47
Total mileage for month : 19.47
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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Perfect Monte Sano trail run

Exercise: Met Eric, Rebecca, Christy, and Tom on Monte Sano. Went down the Death Trail, down and up Arrowhead to Trough Springs. Then went down Waterline , the most difficult descent I've tried - several places had to actually turn around and face the rocks to step down backwards. Then went along Bluff and Tollgate trails and back up Cold Springs to North Plateau Loop. 11.2 miles total - had a Cheeseburger siting near the end.

Total mileage for week: 17.19
Total mileage for month : 17.19
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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hartselle All Saints' Day 5K

Exercise: After getting a massage yesterday for a very sore quad muscle, I was a little apprehensive as to my ability to go all out in this new, certified 5K in Hartselle, AL. After a short warmup (1.49m), we started. As usual, lots of runners started out way too fast. I started picking them off around the 1/3 mile marker. Ahead of me were Dallas Malone (UAH X-Country), Donald Bowman, Eric Shotz, Andy Davidson (UAH X-Country), and 3 other guys I did not recognize. The course was reasonably flat but had at least 12 turns of 90 degrees or more. The mile markers were not in the right places (first one registered 0.82 miles on my Garmin), so I used my own GPS to gauge distance. On a very cool morning I hit the first mile in 5:58. Right at this point I passed two of the unknown runners and tried to tuck in behind Eric Schotz as I knew he has been running really well (mid 18's) lately.

Entering downtown Hartselle, we made a sharp right after the steepest downhill, then another right that lead up the only steep hill on the whole course. I felt myself slowing a little and glanced down at my Garmin seeing that I was at 6:28 per mile pace. Remembering what I read in Runner's World last week (that sometimes you are not really tired, your brain just sends out signals to your muscles in preparation for fatigue, telling them to slow down) - I tried to push trough that tired feeling that I usually get between miles 2 and 3 in 5K races lately. I hit mile two in 6:10, still putting me under 19:00 pace. Mile 3 repeated our loop through the football stadium parking lot. I was gaining a little on the last unknown runner and could still see Eric up ahead. I was still pushing hard as we left the stadium parking lot and made two sharp turns and headed up an incline back toward the Start/Finish. Mile 3 came in 6:05, still putting me under 19:00 pace. At this point I knew I HAD to maintain and push through the finish - although I hit the last 0.1 in a rather slow 0:41, I was able to cross the line in 18:57, first in age group and sixth overall. Donald Bowman was first male master, Madelyn Patton was first female master.

It's taken over a year of training to finally sneak back into the sub-19 range in a 5K, but doing it two of the last three races is encouraging. I'm thinking the Eric Charette/Joey Butler "smackdowns" are finally paying off.

Total mileage for week: 5.99
Total mileage for month : 5.99
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