Wednesday, June 22, 2011

2 four milers with different approaches

I have been doing a 4 mile loop at UAH in the mornings as a semi tempo run. The last two attempts I made I used different approaches: Last week, I started slow, and tried to make each mile faster than the previous one. This week (today), I tried to start out fast and see if I could hold on. The result was better on the first approach. Faster overall time, faster single mile time, and generally felt better after finishing.

Approach 1 (6-15-11)

Mile 1: 7:22
Mile 2: 6:48
Mile 3: 6:54
Mile 4: 6:39
Total: 27:48

Approach 2 (6-22-11)

Mile 1: 6:41
Mile 2: 6:48
Mile 3: 7:13
Mile 4: 7:08
Total: 27:52

I still need to trim 30 seconds per mile off this pace to reach 40 minute 10K territory...
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